Best Automotive Oscilloscope Review-2020

best oscilloscope

while observing signals in a frequency domain, an automotive oscilloscope is a perfect decision for you.

An Oscilloscope is an exceptional voltmeter. It is regularly used to investigate inconsistencies or possible issues in a communication data stream, the ignition system, solenoids, troubleshooting sensors, secondary ignitions and actuators among others.

This device helps observe essential electrical waves if there should be a vehicle breakdown.

As such, the  best automotive oscilloscopes permit you to rapidly find any issue in your vehicle’s main frameworks.

A decent quality vehicle oscilloscope would be smooth to utilize and precise in directing you toward where exactly to check if your vehicle is encountering some operational hitches.

In any case, most low-quality scopes may not offer the subtleties that are fundamental in uncovering the genuine root of the issue, which implies you’ll need to have double-guess.

There’s a wide range in size, ease of use, and collection of these gadgets in the market that it tends to be very difficult to determine what brand of automotive oscilloscopes are the most dependable from those that are not.

We have invested a lot of exertion in doing broad research on the key to assist you with settling on a well-informed choice in this. Have you been on the race for an authentic guide for picking the most dependable oscilloscope, you are in the right place.

10 Best Automotive Oscilloscope Review 2020: verified and usable

1.Siglent SDS1104X-E 100Mhz Digital Oscilloscope



The main feature in this diagnostic machine is a 100 MHz bandwidth capacity of four-channel series with two 1 GSA/s ADCs.

The technical series applies a new generation of Super-Phosphor Oscilloscope technology to provide excellent signal fidelity and performance.

 And The SDS1000X – E   incorporates a 256 – level intensity grading show work and the color show mode not found in other models.

The SPO technology trigger comes with Slope, Edge, Runt, Window, Time out(Dropout), Width, Pattern, Pulse, Interval, and 1 Mpts FFT.

Moreover, The record length of up to 14 Mpts for pair/single-channel mode and 7 Mpts/CH for two channels/pair mode helps you to oversample to catch for broadened spans at higher resolution and utilizes the zoom to see inside each signal more subtleties.

Plus, this device permits you to gain and trigger on the waveforms utilizing these 16 Digital channels/MSO and  the waveform capture rate up to 400,000 WFM/s. The history waveforms mode stores every single trigger occasion into memories up to 80,000, with each fragment saving triggered waveforms and timestamp.

In conclusion, there is a USB AWG module, USB WIFI connector all with the choice of four channels just in the standard decoder.


Includes a big and bright screen , allows you to read whatever is being displayed on.

Clean user interface is and responsive ensures you navigate through its user interface with ease.

An  excellent instruction manual included and calibrating this oscilloscope is very easy


The noise produced can quite loud

2.Hantek 1008C USB PC-based Diagnostic Oscilloscope

Hantek 1008C

The Hantek 1008C might be an excellent option for those who desire the best automotive oscilloscope with some channels. It’s a PC-based oscilloscope with a programmable waveform generator, ideal for most home car operations.

The tasks of the Hantek 1008C are what separate it from other automobile oscilloscopes. Alongside the waveform generator, it has a built in FFT capacity and central mathematic capacities, as well. It  accompanies 20 electronic measurements and auto cursor functions.It is cost-efficient 8 channel oscilloscope which is appropriately used for vehicle testing.

Evidently, it might find all demands for much of the details you are looking for.

It is a 8-channel oscilloscope that characterizes a real-time sampling rate of 2.4MSa/sec with a 12-bit vertical goal for spectrum analysis. It gives automatic testing functions of over 20 types which look like interface in bench top oscilloscopes.

It includes a superb deal of sensors, for example, the lambda sensor, distributor sensor, crankshaft sensor, throttle position sensor, and camshaft sensor that makes the oscilloscope easy to use.

It includes a play interface and USB 2.0 fitting to ensure no extra power supply is desired for it.


Having8 channels 

Programmable wave generator functions

Automatic cursor tracking and measurements system

Store, record, and playback dynamic waveforms

Easy to install and use


Windows 8 or 10 PC needs to operate

Not used for all automotive functionalities.

3.The Owon HDS1021M Series Handheld Digital Oscilloscope


The Owon HDS1021M Series has a digital multimeter valuable for making essential oscilloscope measurements, for example, voltage, capacitance, and protection. It has an actual-time sample rate of 100 MS/s just as a record length of 6,000 points for waveforms.

This is a great worth purchase option that gives exact results. Its screen splendid and sharp contrast, which implies that it’s simple to read. The scope and frequency programs are exceptionally precise. It covers all the subtleties of running the unit’s capacities sufficiently.

One fault here is that the USB connection and software are inferior. Numerous clients experience had serious difficulty using the CD software, proclaiming that it wouldn’t install on their PCs. Clients had the option to find an online asset to download updated software.

It’s adequate if you simply need to seize and freeze a waveform and, at that point upload and convert it to an image document.

It has a 3.5″ color TFT LCD with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. An oscilloscope is used for product design, assembly areas, repair and servicing, and mechanical engineering education. the system has a multimeter, a mechanical testing tool that controls multiple properties of an electrical circuit to check proper exercise or diagnose problems.


Helpful for basic troubleshooting

Good features considering its price


Having a plastic BNC socket instead of a real one.

The bayonet clips on its knock set has a tendency to easily wear off

Poor instructionsin manuels

poor software quality 

4.Autel MaxiCOM MK808 Oscilloscope

Autel Maxicom

Autel MaxiCOM MK808 supports essential TPMS (Tires Pressures Monitoring System) Services, for example, recruitment of sensors to vehicles, contributing TPSM sensor substitution IDs, and indicating sensor IDs from the vehicle’s ECU. Its seven-inch contact screen LED offers you a unique experience permitting you to a faster access to whatever is it you need through its usual route.

It includes an Android OS that promotes the exhibition and mastery of this gadget in addition to the 32GB memory ensures the moderate reaction is specified. Its in-built battery keeps going to 4.5 hours that allows you to apply the majority of the tools in this system like the remote desk, science administrator, and data manager.

Here are a diversity of skills accessible including oil reset and EPB/BMS/SAS/DPF. Basic TPMS service which is employed for the security and active maintenance of systems.

Autel MaxiCOM MK808 code reader is at most 1996 US-based, even 2000 EU-based and more current vehicles to do the whole systems diagnoses including clearing codes and survey live information to check the security status of parts.

This is a tablet indicates scanner with 7"touchable screen and empowers delicate response with a fast quad-core procedure

After purchase, you are given a year free online update just as a year warranty; in this way, it permits programming updates and automatic system with ongoing push message notices through Wi-Fi.


many features Incorporated into this diagnostic tool

It serves well

Explaining how to use this diagnostic tool is straightforward

vehicle manufacturers making it a convenient device to own


The battery of this gadget incompetent working rendering this diagnostic tool to be useless Autel


5.LAUNCH X431 V+ Full System Diagnostic Scan Tool


The powerful scan tool and diagnostics with ECU Coding joined ease you conduct a certain diagnostic on your vehicle as a major form of routine servicing and maintenance.

It holds up to 20 kinds of resetting capacities including ABS, SAS, TPMS, transmission, motor, and oil reset, just to refer to a couple. Even further, you get 5 years warranty besides a 2-year free update. Perhaps the best component of this scan tool is that it can run diagnostics for over 150 brands of vehicles and just about 10,000 vehicle models.

They prepare the LAUNCH X431 V+ with a 7.1 inches LENOVO tablet showing the 7.1 Android form, 1280*800 goal, 7000 mAh battery lasts for as long as 8 hours, and is battery-powered and a 48 GB storage.

LAUNCH X431 V+ diagnostic scanner allows you what snap-on scanner does. It comes with Bi-Directional Control (Active Test) to request information or command an actuator to perform specific tests, cycling the a/c clutch on and off, performing an evaporative emission leak test, fast troubleshooting your car.

This enables you to perform your tests successfully and rapidly. The created report is spared and sent to your email. Then you can print it out or transfer it to look for solutions from experienced people. The multilingual supportive network changes over the information into over 25 languages. Other astonishing features incorporate distant and auto diagnosis frameworks.


Multifunctional & User friendly

Wide car coverage

Powerful, quick and efficient scan tool

5-year warranty


User manual not included

Not all cars are compatible

6.Autel MaxiIM IM608 Professional Key Programming Tool with IMMO Key

The Autel MaxiIM IM608 is an upgrade and key programming device available with advanced key programming, better services, and all frameworks diagnostics.

You like the android-based 10.1-inch touchscreen tablet to make viewing everything clean. The multi-protocol Pass-thru vehicle interface is perfectly consistent and designed only to offer comfort with PC communication. The IMMO application is an attractive solution offering professional mode. You also raise total outlook on performing IMMO related skills, for example, remote control learning, remote control, and more.

Powerful OE level diagnostics for more than 80 US, Asian and European makes and models. XP400 reads transponder information particularly Benz infrared keen key, clone, and exclusive keys, composes on-board EEPROM information, and so forth.

Bi-directional control of the ECM is valuable in deciding whether the ECM reacts to command as well.

The Wireless Diagnostic Interface holds two specialized strategies with the tablet: Named BT and USB. The working extent for BT correspondence is about 210feet about 70 m You can perform key programming and vehicle diagnosis on different vehicles, by matching the tablet individually to every one of the Maxi Flashc.

7.Autel MaxiSys MS906BT Bluetooth Automotive Scan Tool

Autel Max IM

Autel MaxiSys MS906BT is a unique scanner that both picks up and sends information.

It will allow efficient diagnosis and investigation of your car issues.

Having a proper-sized screen and really, you will feel like you are taking advantage of a normal tablet.

MS906BT is the most recent extension to the MaxiSys product display of advanced remote diagnostic tools. It includes 21 service capacities options, necessarily holding Oil Reset, EPB control, ABS Auto Bleed, SAS Calibration, DPF Regeneration, and so on.

This diagnostic scan device has data transmission through remote VCI dongle or lined connection. Again, remote blending is quick with stirring reach up to 164 feet around 50m.

MaxiSys MS906BT has bi-directional control for explicit vehicle frameworks, enables you to decide the integrity of the system or parts by choosing the engine ECU information, or by checking the activity of the actuators, for example, exchanging a solenoid, random transfer, or switch, between two running states.

The upgrade version of Autel MS906, it accompanies advanced ECU Coding ability, solid with add-ons like an oscilloscope and computerized inspection camera.


It is a Bi-directional scan tool that sends and receives information

Easy to operate

Supports various functions

Various accessories such as digital inspection camera, oscilloscope, HDMI port


It is for specific car systems

8.Handheld Oscilloscope Hantek Automotive Diagnostic oscilloscope

Handled hANDTEK

Hantek2D82AUTO 4 in 1 can facilitate adequate diagnosis and troubleshooting of your car problems.

It proceeds with the compact and lightweight idea yet with the new age of 4 out of 1 multifunction tester.

A little volume of the non-benefit grip by a solitary hand; The suspending stand was intended to help multi-point alteration

Besides, Ultra-low-power, C charging interface, every 2 hours battery charge permit working one entire day or stand by two months.

It maintains CAN transport information perception, CAN transport signal trustworthiness, CAN transport LH long haul securing, LIN transport.

Sensors: It has various sensors types with wind current meter, camshaft, driving rod, merchant, lambda sensor, choke position

Top-quality shading LCD screen show clear and fragile; Minimalist keyboard structure simplify operation, simple to utilize.

The item is 100% brand and high-caliber. The manufacturers care for each client’s feelings. You can easily connect with customer service when you meet any inquiry.

9.All-Sun 3 in 1 Digital Oscilloscope Handheld with USB Multifunction

 All on Sun 3 in 1

This user notification oscilloscope is exceptionally planned based on air transport security. Designed according to the analysis, troubleshooting, production, and fix the needs of different electronic engineers. It accompanies a LED light for battery connection.

Fueled with a lithium battery, it can produce well even on the outside of supply. It features excellent appearance, well-adapted, and clean interfaces.

It can precisely recognize the faults of the circuit and can fill in as an electronic technician, and will give incredible convenience to you at work.

It is one of the best 3 of every 1 compact test device in open-air research, creation, troubleshooting, and fixing.

It has three trigger modes: Auto, Normal, and Single. You can bolt and spare the waveform of a non-intermittent signal.

Its multimeter part utilizes a dedicated chip 6000-check, which can give a higher exactness.

The Sony 4100mAh lithium battery can guarantee extended periods working after completely energized without outer power supply.

It is governed by t 6000-count high-precision Multimeter chip, NPX insight assortment chipset. 4100 mAh Sony lithium-battery long working hours

It consolidates Scope work, Multimeter capacity, and signal generator work

The transmission capacity is 50 MHz and the testing rate is 200 MSA/S. It also claims a 320240 mm high-resolution screen.

10. Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscopes

Rigol ds

The automotive oscilloscope is another incredible item that is worth buying. It gloats of its rich highlights and key plan, which makes it a genuine incentive for money.

The detail arrives in a 4-channel scope suggesting it obliges more than one gadget for noteworthy ultra-vision innovation. It runs at a data transfer capacity of 50MGHz and is a strong worked of 13 x 7 x 5 inches.

Rigol DS1054Z Digital Oscilloscope with 50 MHz DSO 4 Channels and  50 MHz Analog Bandwidth. Total of 4 Analog Channels Maximum Waveform Capture Rate is of up to 30,000 wfms/s.

It functions admirably and the development is on a par with that of costly top-brand things. The packaging was sufficient and secures the instrument well.

RIGOL has made a decent attempt to pass themselves as a conventional organization to purchase gear from and they have succeeded, in any event with this extension.

Enthusiastically suggested for strict spending plans and elevated standards Customer Submitted Image UltraVision Rigol’s creative UltraVision innovation gives a more profound memory profundity of 12Mpts norm and is upgradeable to 24 Mpts

Considerable Key things When Choosing the Right Automotive Oscilloscope

The main thing to be aware of when you are choosing to have a car oscilloscope is characterizing how precisely you expect to utilize it. We have various brands, types, quality, and sizes of this gadget; some are better utilized in the engine, others on a seat, and others at a customer’s site.

Before choosing a car oscilloscope, you have to take a look at how you expect to utilize it just as where you will utilize it, that is, underneath the hood of your vehicle, at the client site or the seat. Moreover, numerous brands accompany various specifications and costs thus settling on this choice much harder. In this way, underneath are a portion of the variables you should consider when searching for the top of the line car oscilloscope.

Analog vs Digital

There are two significant classifications of scopes, simple which is the old sort model. Presently, in spite of being as successful as essentially required,non-digital scopes have constrained usefulness. The second classification as you would already be able to tell is known as the digital storage oscilloscope. This is the improved version of the oscilloscopes innovation.

Digital scopes are alternating the analog and establish the vast majority of the most recent gadgets in the market. Specialists in all cases find the new devices better as far as improved usefulness and usability, and precision in recognizing signal shortcomings.

Channels Suite Your Need

The other key element to investigate, which can influence usefulness is the number of channels the item has. This can shift from a single channel up to ten channels, every one of them with various extraordinary uses. From the overall perspective, a single channel oscilloscope can do the vast majority of the fundamental tests for individuals who need to do a quick sign check.

In any case, for perfect readings from say, driving rod/camshaft association, checking voltage outage from sensors, thermistor, and looking at throttle position, a two-channel scope going up would work pretty well.

The more channels the gadget has, the more exact the subtleties it gives. For example, when you are confronting a wrench no start issue, and need to analyze the ignition system into subtleties, you will discover oscilloscopes that have four channels going up to ten increasingly supportive.

Ease of Use

For short outcomes, you should have the option to do some set-ups to help focus on specific boundaries that you need to check with your oscilloscope. In that capacity, consistently pick the gadget that gives usability without compelling you to continually allude to the manual guide. A few brands of oscilloscopes have attempted to simplify this with a solitary programmed contact setup from recently memorized designs.

All things considered, on the equivalent, a few brands have an extraordinary movable knob that consequently identifies changes in trigger level, position, time-base speed, and vertical affectability. The point here is, to have the option to save time and take out hustle. So make certain to chase for a car oscilloscope that might be very easy to use.


What measure of signal frequency do you expect would be during the tests? When you are acquainted with the bandwidth range, the overall counsel is that your scope’s front-end amplifier ought to have a much better limit than oblige the signal going through it.

Moreover, search out to get the data transmission particulars about the item you expect to consider. The general advice on that again is, you need a five times data transfer capacity ability to effectively and precisely measure most signals in a vehicle.

User Interface

It is the most significant angle to consider. You should abstain from picking an apparatus initially intended for mechanical and scientific applications. These oscilloscopes need a great deal of time preparing and learning. For the most part, they don’t have any pre-set functionalities and are not equipped for estimating vehicles without connectors.

The UI of a car oscilloscope must have the option to alter or include new data sources. It must test for start pick-ups, high voltage estimations, pressure transducers, current clasps, temperature sensors, and so on. It is incredible on the fact that it accompanies an inherent waveform design and permits including custom waveforms.

You should have the option to imagine the ignition sparkle procedure and show cylinders close to one another in a procession style. When it accompanies a total 720 degrees crankshaft rotation estimation ruler, it permits simple seeing of all engine cycles.

Number of Channels

Typically, automotive oscilloscopes include a channel, two, four, and even up to ten channels. Subsequently, you have to consider the number of signs that will be shown, however frequently a single-channel oscilloscope works better. It is particularly the situation when you need to play out a quick determination to set up the presence of a sign and when it is inside the standard range.

Two-channel oscilloscopes are perfect for detecting signals from camshaft/driving rod correlation, sensors, taking a gander at thermistor voltage yields, seeing thermistor voltage yields, examining choke position sensor yields, and numerous others.

Nonetheless, when managing the typical crank no beginning condition, or quick perspective on the ignition circuit, a four-channel car oscilloscope is great for use.

The Probes and Input Ranges

When looking for the best car oscilloscope, search for on that the producer offers an entire arrangement of accessories that you use to expand the information extents and application gadgets. Along these lines, in the event that you wish to perform high voltage or current signs measurements, for example, essential and auxiliary ignitions, injectors, and others, you should broaden your oscilloscope’s info range utilizing an appropriate input test.

Current lights, inductive and capacitive get clasps, 20:1 and 10:1 attenuator, AC coupling connectors, and numerous others are accessible.

It is indispensable you affirm that the input probes are either comparable or outperform the bandwidth of the scope.

Sample Rate

The sample rate of the oscilloscope decides how detailed the waveform can be shown in a computerized oscilloscope. Regularly estimated in MS/sec or GS/sec, MS represents super (1 thousand) example and GS represents Giga (1 million) example. When all is said in done, you should focus on an inspecting rate that is multiple times greater than the maximum frequency we are eager to gauge.

Memory Depth

Memory profundity is basically determined by duplicating the sample rate with time over the presentation. An oscilloscope capture sample focuses on its memory and the measure of memory will decide how long the oscilloscope can store the sign before it must dump or erase it.


You can easily choose a decent oscilloscope alternative by looking at what the producer offers as extra product accessories. With the selections of tests and info ranges given by a brand, you will have the option to expand the convenience of the application device by expanding the information ranges.

That permits you to have the option to perform higher current and voltage analyzer in vehicle parts, for example, the injectors, and the two dimensions of ignition – both the primary and secondary ignition with ensured and progressively exact results.

Select Functional Triggering

You ought to go for a car oscilloscope which has a practical triggering as it helps with dealing with the signal which can be seen with the bare eye. Along these lines, it guarantees it is exact and cozy for viewing. In addition, when looking for a particular oscilloscope, you ought to select one which has extraordinary visibility just as a more extensive limit ensuring a superior triggering reaction.


This is the capacity of the oscilloscope to determine little voltages and it relies upon a few oscilloscope boundaries:

The number of bits of the installed analog to digital converters. Typically vertical resolution of 8 bits is very adequate for every single automotive application;

The ADC’s (Analog to Digital Converter) reference voltage

Kind of the information signal pre-amplifier that it exists.

Info attenuator circuit

PC versus handheld oscilloscope

If you need to utilize the oscilloscope out in the field, a handheld oscilloscope may be the correct decision. Their primary favorable position is that they can offer the presentation of bench oscilloscopes in a portable and tough structure factor. Handheld scopes frequently are simpler to the arrangement as a result of the fewer associations contrasted with the PC-based scopes. Ongoing inserted framework in the handheld oscilloscopes is regularly a big advantage because there is no working framework which can cause issues.

Be that as it may, PC based scopes have bigger screens and frequently permit you to save greater estimation information on the PC hard drive. Regularly the oscilloscopes, where the got information is for the most part prepared in the PC, have an extremely enormous memory profundity.

To abstain from moving high voltages through the grounds which can cause a disappointment of the PC utilized or to harm the ECUs in the vehicle, it’s acceptable to ensure that there is no galvanic connection between the PC and the PC oscilloscope which not all oscilloscopes have

How we Picked the Best Automotive Oscilloscope

Just to refer to I looked into different brands of the scopes, and the ten we have included here are certainly the best picks. The key focuses we’ve thought of, which likewise most specialists affirm of are things, such as;

The real application or what you’ll be utilizing the scope for – for this situation, we limited to car oscilloscopes as it were.

The base and most extreme breadths of sign appropriate for car-related tasks.

The number of signals you are destined to utilize the gadget to get  Frequency range and what suits your necessities, fundamentally the most elevated signals you should quantify.

Regardless of whether you have to see the signals on time area or recurrence space  .The kind of signals whether single-shot or redundant, etc.

That is, you must be too explicit to pick a device that for the most part works best for vehicles and not something general. From both of the above choices that we have recorded, you can have confidence you will have the best car oscilloscope right now accessible in the market. The following are other significant elements to think about these devices that were extremely useful to us in assisting with looking at and approving vehicle oscilloscope, to be exact.

Importance of the Automotive Oscilloscope

 In the genuine sense, oscilloscopes are utilized for car diagnosis, yet these gadgets are broadly utilized in other pivotal fields, for example, in medication, media transmission, and in the research building.

Certain highlights will impact the reason you expect to utilize the scope on for example regardless of whether on a mechanical bench, underneath the vehicle, or at a customers’ place.

For example, the quantity of channels you pick with an oscilloscope dictates what it can accomplish for you and the things you need to measure. So if you need different signals to be shown you need a scope with various channels. For quick diagnosis implied just to affirm the indication of a signal and that it falls inside a range a single-channel signal is sufficient.

To test connecting amplitudes from car parts like the driving rod or sensors, curl wave forms, injectors and, sensor yield and viewing the voltage in a thermistor, a decent choice will pick an oscilloscope with more than one conductor.

Oscilloscopes with four channels going up to ten are ideal if your expectation to have a simultaneous perspective on frequencies from major inputs and outputs on the same display. An ideal model here is the point at which you are dissecting an ignition issue identified with the wrench.

Significant  specifications

Most vehicle experts favor managing a scope they can complete work and control to assist them with getting the data they need. In that capacity, I have analyzed every one of these scopes against other contending item and I can tell they are in an ideal situation. Well of course among the ten there is what I discovered best with regards to being easy to understand which is #1-The Rigol DS1054Z Oscilloscope. The explanation being, it has a programmed choice that can set up the scope with the goal that it turns out to be immediately usable.

Synopsis and general proposals

A few producers will give you a free showing PC programming program, which permits you to see and test practically all capacities and menus before you purchase the oscilloscope! You can generally attempt to contrast oscilloscopes from various makers with settle on the correct decision for your application. Ensure that you have posed the accompanying inquiries:

A few producers will give you a free showing PC programming program, which permits you to see and test practically all capacities and menus before you purchase the oscilloscope! You can generally attempt to contrast oscilloscopes from various makers with settle on the correct decision for your application. Ensure that you have posed the accompanying inquiries:

What’s added for the oscilloscope bundle set. Which links or cables, extras, tests are remembered for the set and which are accessible to be bought later on?

What programming does the instrument accompany? What refreshes? What applications does the product cover? Given changes in vehicle structure and abilities, how frequently is the product updated? Are the product updated paid or free?

Who is the merchant and do they have the necessary capability and experience to offer help or is it only a seller that sells equipment and just offers whatever assembling support is accessible?

If a hardware repair is required during the guarantee time frame just as and the after-guarantee time frame, where it is performed and is there such a chance?

These are interesting points when buying a car oscilloscope. Your closest companion when buying an oscilloscope is you. Not every person needs something very similar. Settle on this an individual decision dependent on your necessities and aptitude level.