The 10 Best Car Lift For The Money in 2020

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car lift for money

When you have many things to do with your car repair, maintenance, or reclamation, there’s nothing more accomplished than investing in best  car lift for the money.

Installing a vehicle lift within your home garage is the most standard upgrade you can do. It’s an ultimate tool for any technician or aficionado as it permits you to securely and easily work underneath the car or any vehicle with ease.  

With the ongoing fall in the car business sector, consumers are much bound to repair and service their vehicles instead of acquiring another one.  

So you’re aiming to get a vehicle lift. Go ahead. 

Here you’ll explore vehicle lifts with 2-post, 4-post, and scissor lift assortments. They all have their merits and demerits covering the cost, lift height, flexibility, weight limit, and even portability.

Best Car Lift For The Money in 2020

1.TRIUMPH NSS-8 8000Lbs 4 Post Storage Service Car Lift

TRIUMPH NSS-8 4 Post Car Lift

The Triumph NSS-8 is a 4 post vehicle lift features a suitable, and a time-tested design being used for over 20 years, which makes it the best overall vehicle lift.

A noticeable thing about this top-rated car lift is its weight limit of 8,000 lbs. Also, it also incorporates an automatic locking at 10 different situations for expanded security.

The steel assemble construction has made this vehicle lift entirely durable. Having 4 posts, it is entirely steady, and subsequently more secure to use when contrasted with a 2 post model.

The most extreme height of the lift arm of 84 inches is very liberal. A tall guy, not matters can use this lift.

You also spend the money with this vehicle lift as it includes different accessories like jack plate, dip trays, and a caster kit unit for greater adaptability.

When contrasted with 2 post lifts, this one occupies somewhat more room, yet this is at least cost to pay for the expanded dependability. Although the guidelines are not pointed by point, you should at present have the option to make sense of things out with much ease



  • Time tested design
    Higher weight capacity up to 8,000 pounds
  • More durable construction
  • Comes with a jack tray and three drip trays
  • Excellent height ranges of 5 inches to 84 inches
  • Shoddy installation instructions
  • Takes up more space



2.APlusLift HW-10KBP Two Post Car Lift

APlusLift HW-10KBP

APlusLift HW-10KBP will be a unique decision while purchasing a car lift. What’s more, because of the heavy-duty steel frame and efficiency, it is the best floor plate in the display.

The APlusLift2 is preferred stock for a few reasons, adding its sordid features the space-saving design and comfort of a 2-post lift and cost. Also, it’s longer-lasting, performs flawlessly, and is CE-authorized. The lift is simple to handle, handy, and holds the vehicle safely.


The company utilized Q345 steel for advanced quality, and a few implicit safety features ensure about the recommendation of the APlusLift2 to you.

The lift works for speed as it will contain a full lift in only 50 seconds. What’s more, lifting vehicles is made easy by the controls that incorporate a helpful manual lower lever.

The combo incongruous arms and the twofold S structure guarantee the vehicle will be most secure when lifted.

Likewise, safety is further ensured by the double point safety block, auto arm lock limitations, protection rubber for the door watches, and some other security features.

Compared with different vehicle lifts, the instructions appear to be very poor, however, this is a clear lift to set up. Thus, this should not be a major issue.



♦ Double S column

Highly durable

Faster full riseSymmetrical and asymmetrical arm

Safe and easy to use
Includes both automatic and manual controls


  • Installation  Instruction  provided useless



3.QuickJack BL- Portable Car Lift

BL-3500SLX by QuickJack

QuickJack BL-3500SLX is the best option vehicle lift being the budget-friendly brand because of its cost tag, it is extremely hard to show signs of strength.

In the same way as other leading quality vehicle lifts, it is made using a solid steel material to ensure mostly durability and sturdiness. The lift can hold as much as 3,500 pounds, and with a simple lift of 20 inches to make it smooth to get underneath the car.

Setting it up is simple and it will be prepared to handle in as little as 60 seconds. Also, it adds all the extra accessories having the hydraulic power unit and pressure-driven hoses, it is prepared for absurd use.

Moving it around over the garage ought not to be an issue as there are some modest vehicle wheels at the base.

While the height possibly won’t be amply high for better repairs or loading vehicles, it is ideal for little patches or repairs, the most common issues.



♦ Dual-Position Automatic Safety Lock

♦Relatively more affordable

♦Quick and easy setup

♦Mobility wheels included

♦All required accessories included

♦Lifting Height 16.5” 

Ø Height not sufficient for bigger repairs

4.QuickJack BL-5000SLX Portable Lift

BendPak QuickJack BL-5000SLX

The Quickjack 5175376 BL-5000SLX, a budget-friendly car lift allows you to adjust the height of the lift and move around the vehicle simultaneously. The gadget can be controlled by either 220-volt, 240-volt, or even 12-volt motors. It can likewise work viably with either two or four posts, and a hand-held remote raises the lifting procedure.

The frames are light-weight, and the lift is versatile. Each portion of the lift just weighs about 70 pounds. The unit is plain to set up, and you won’t need to jolt it on a safe ground likewise with most two-post vehicle lifts. It’s strong and simple to handle. The lift consequently connects with its dual position safety lock at whatever point the lift is raised. The security lock has a flip switch for speedy shut-off.

The principal downside of this lift is that it can just lift 5,000 pounds, which is low contrasted with other garage lifts. In such a manner, it also has a lower lifting height, and its speedy interface fittings are of cheap quality. The lift can be applied to replace the tires, alter the chassis, and manage other maintenance services.



♦ Very durable and long-lasting

♦ Space-saving and compact

♦ Space-saving and compact

♦ Two position safety locks

♦  Easy to use by even absolute beginners

♦ Slim, compact and highly portable

  • Maximum lift height of two feet is limiting
  • Low maximum height
  • Making an enthusiastic car mechanic happy


5.Auto Lift Car-Park-8 4 Post Parking Storage Car Lift

Auto Lift Car-Park-8 4 Post Car Lift

The Auto Lift Car-Park-8, an excellent model to consider for residential garages has been skillfully designed and has a solid engine. The lift can also raise a limit of 8,000 pounds to 74.75 inches maximum high.

The standard design features apply here. What’s the more interesting matter is the scope of security features that have been attentively covered with this model. The companies have utilized two safeguard frameworks, for instance.

The cables set up are assessed as much as 14,500 pounds, near twofold the highest weight. There is likewise a ladder lock framework that will draw in if the cables do fail, and you have a decision of ten diverse locking positions.

The runways are produced utilizing a jeweled plate to avoid slipping. Bigger slider blocks are likewise added for greater security.

The cost is something that we desired to mark down on this thing. It’s a contribution to some significant security features, however, it costs more than our premium decisions. Are the added features worth the extra cash? We’ll allow you to choose.



♦Allows for vehicle stacking

♦Solid steel frame


Superior quality cables

♦Drip trays and approach ramps included

♦Can hoist up to 8,000 pounds
♦Safety lock with auto engage mechanism


Ø Not the most efficient roller casters design

Ø Uses roller casters, which is not ideal

6.Mayflower Blacksmith Base Plate Two Post Lift car

Mayflower Blacksmith Base Plate Two Post Lift car Lift

The uncompromising drive mode is one of the key factors of this vehicle lift. This drive mode will consist of two hydraulic cylinders and chain drive, and it is intended to guarantee smooth and effective activity.

With the 81 inches most sheer lift, this vehicle lift will give all that could be desired space to work under the vehicle while resting, and it additionally enables you to load up two vehicles to spare the garage area.

There is additionally a hand valve on the force siphon that is exceptionally suitable for ensuring against overload.

With the double 2-point safety lock flow that has 18 locking positions, this won’t just be a more secure lift to handle, though also a versatile one as you can guarantee it varied heights.

What’s more, you can be clear that this vehicle lift will resist corrosion and decay for quite a while as it has a mild powder-coated finish.

The instructions can be a bit of a trick. What’s more, this is all the more so for the unpracticed clients. Be that as it may, there are all that could probably be demanded recordings or videos online to help with the structure. Besides, you can likewise definitely contact the maker when you need better help




Well-built and efficient drive mode

♦Higher maximum lift
♦Smooth up and down motion

♦134-inch overall width makes it ideal for smaller vehicles

♦Easy to install


Ø Wanting instructions

Ø Bulky

Ø Not be used in a professional garage

7.BendPak Dual-Width 2-Post Asymmetric Car Lift

BendPak Dual-Width 2-Post Asymmetric Car Lift

BendPak comes with a dynamic model fast 45-second rise, the BendPak XPR-10AS ensures you that you never need to relax sitting tight for ages from the vehicle to be lifted.

Other than speed, this vehicle lift can hold as much as 10,000 pounds, which is one of the most remarkable on our vehicle lift reviews. Also, it involves that you can handle it to lift any vehicle.

The one of a kind 30-degree revolving column that ensures you get more vehicle inside access privilege and opening the entryways should be a clear undertaking.

With the expandable top shaft, this vehicle lift can likewise accommodate both tight and wide drive-through setups.

Safety of activity is secured by the satisfactorily cushioned overhead safety shutoff bar and single point safety clearance.

For those that await to utilize this vehicle lift on their trucks, the absence of adapters can be an issue. Be that as it may, they are simple to get for a few green bucks, and you can even make some solid DIY ones.



♦Incredibly fast rise

♦Can take relatively more weight

♦Convenient expandable top beam

♦Safer to use

♦Extra car access clearance



Ø Truck adapters not simply included 

8.TRIUMPH 9000 Pound 4 Post Automotive Storage Parking Lift

TRIUMPH 9000 Pound 4 Post Parking Lift Car Truck Hoist

Triumph, an excellent brand conveys in spades with regards to execution, an exceptionally great model. It raises and brings down the vehicles flawlessly. It’ll lift as much as 9,000 pounds to a most extreme height of 77,5 inches, which makes it the model with the most elevated lift on our guides.

By and large width of 113 inches implies it’s more minimized than other items on the list. To drive on and off the aluminum ramps is a surprise since they’re large. Besides, they have box tracks to enhance quality and reduce the weight (almost 29 pounds each).

What makes this unit exceptional for usage, however, is the variety of security features. It doesn’t content with one shield, Triumph made in an optional failsafe framework. For how much time that you don’t overburden it, and it’s seated effectively, don’t worry.

There’s no denying the fact that it is a gorgeous lift. The high-grade steel powder-coated appears in red and dark. The design includes clean lines and a cautious nod to accommodate space management.

The cost is the place the relationship with this Triumph model began to go south. We concur that the build quality and scope of features are great. The cost, however, leads us to delay. It’s also not unpleasant for a business model, but for home clients, it may be excessive too. This is one for the real car-mechanic aficionado.



♦Lift height of up to 77,5 inches

Lifts up to 9,000 pounds

♦ Attractive design with useful features

♦ 36″ aluminum ramps weighing only 29 lbs.

Works flawlessly


Ø High Costly for the home user

9.TRIUMPH NT-9 9000Lbs Two Post Floor Plate Auto Lift

TRIUMPH NT-9 9000Lbs Two Post Floor Plate Auto Lift

With regards to price to weight proportion, the Triumph NT-9 is outstanding amongst other vehicle lifts available.

At its cost, this 2-post vehicle lift has a good weight limit of 9,000 lbs. Which suggests that it will indeed have the option to lift any full-sized and substantial vehicle effortlessly despite its little size.

What’s more, the best arm lift height of 72 inches shows that it can lift a vehicle very high, consequently allowing even a tall individual to consider the base of the vehicle. What’s more, it just takes 40 seconds to get to extreme lift.

Besides, this vehicle lift accompanies 3-stage front arms that will ensure you get an incredible reach in different types of vehicles. There are swing arm handles that make the arm position simpler and faster.

With this vehicle lift, you get a floor plate to facilitate spreading the hoses and cables and permit the lift to fit under low roofs.

The simple lock system that this lift uses isn’t the best as some circumstances may be crucial to utilize. Yet, a few knocks with the hammer/staff are sufficient to secure it.



High weight capacity for its price

♦Super-fast lifting

Provides excellent car reach

Easy arm positioning

Floor plate include


Ø Fragile  lock system 

10.Atlas Equipment 10,000 lb. 2-Post Lift

Atlas Equipment 2-Post Lift

The Atlas OH-10X is an elegant, solid lift. It can lift as much as 10,000 pounds to a height of more than 70 inches. The producer has applied high-grade steel to provide special structural help for a range of vehicles.

The carriage is longer than normal to ensure maximum stability. You can store a second vehicle under the first. It can hold vehicles easily.

It is a large, overwhelming vehicle lift. You’ll take at any rate 13 feet of height to suit it enough. You require reinforced concrete floors that are equipped for dealing with the weight. Besides the more expanded carriage, the design is like different lifts on our guides.

The producer has remained tight-lipped about the security facts that it’s additional. Outside of informing us dealing with the strengthened arms and longer carriage length, they’ve not mentioned numerous different details.

In fact, you’ll have to dig deep, this is one of the most costly models we’ve looked into. Is it worth the cost? It is a fine material, however, we don’t know that it is worth the tag, see what you think. For us, it’s so similar models that we think that it’s crucial to justify the added expense.



♦Big in size

♦Super-fast lifting

♦Lifts up to 10,000 pounds

♦Simple enough to install and operate

♦Stores a second car underneath

Ø Fragile  lock system

Ø Misunderstanding about the safety features

Ø Expensive compared to similar models on the market

Ø You need plenty of space in your garage


Features to consider in Good Car Lifts For Home Garage

It might be a very expensive purchase to invest in a quality car lift for your garage.

Once you have installed the lift into your garage, it will completely transform how you take a shot at your vehicle going ahead. Already, it’s fundamental that you take an estimation of the garage since vehicle lifts will take up a vast lion’s share of the garage.

The principal dimension to consider is the least ceiling height as both the 2 for 4 post car or vehicle lifts have to be at least 84 inches(7 feet) over in height. Besides, there are considerable more factors before you buy the first vehicle lift you see. For instance, which type of vehicle you plan on lifting is another factor to consider.

Here we’re going to make you help on an effective buying decision, and we’ve put together the formal guide in regards to Car Lift For Home Garage.


Loading and Operation Safety

Safety is the first point to consider in applying car lifts because if the car anyway was to fall from the lift, it can be intensely injured or get damaged.

Make sure that whether the vehicle lift is certified by approved rules or there are instructions, that will give you peace of mind.  

However, installation is just as vital and you will ensure that you maintain the guidance effectively. You should also see whether each nut and bolt must be secured without any error.  

You can have the most secure home garage lift and however, if the vehicle isn’t wired exactly, it won’t be safe. For instance, with a 2 post vehicle lift, you should ensure that the vehicle is exactly in the center of the lift and each arm is cautiously on the jacking point.  

Before lifting the vehicle perfectly in the air, we advise lifting it somewhat and checking out that the vehicle is level on the lift before going any further access up in the air. When the vehicle has arrived at the most extreme height you need, ensure the security lock is engaged. This will keep away from stress on the hydraulic just as it improves the security.

The Purpose of a Car Lift

With the advancement in the car business sector, customers now repair and service their vehicles instead of buying another one.

The thought behind a car lift is to help you in lifting the whole vehicle at once. This gives you a more helpful technique than the use of the volume of a floor jack and stands and will get your car or a vehicle up high enough to perform many kinds of repairs.  

Utilizing standard vehicle ramps will just lift each side or one end, driving you to force the vehicle from the slopes and reposition them before proceeding onward to the opposite side or end of the car. Vehicle ramps are fine for a fast oil change or when you needn’t bother with a great deal of clearance to work. 

When jack stands and vehicle ramps are commonly safe if used, vehicle lifts have a much lower probability of client errors which could bring about injury. 

Another advantage is that a vehicle lift permits you to gather the entirely important tools with the goal that they’re effectively accessible and set precisely where you can arrive at the things you demand.

Which is the Best Car Lift for Beginners?

car lift home

Above all else, a vehicle lift should be worked even by an apprentice. All factors considered, when the lift is equipped, you should simply load the vehicle, push a button, and check out the unit at work quietly and reliably.  

In any case, some vehicle lifts have a structure that involves a touch of learning, especially concerning the installation plans. Besides, you should figure out how to determine the best most extreme lifting height that will adequately accommodate your garage, the best weight limit with regards to your cars, the best width and dimension the vehicle lift can accommodate, and that’s just the starting.  

Along with these ways, the best vehicle lift for novices is the one that offers clear subtleties even before you decide on the buy. Besides, it should provide a proper installation guide and should not be a proficient service.  

In that facility, the best vehicle lift for amateurs on our rundown is the BendPak QuickJack BL-5000SLX, a unique design. It is a solid vehicle lift, refined and safe to install, simple to store away, and doesn’t require any professional support. While the lifting height isn’t that significant, the lift despite everything lets you check the wheels underneath the vehicle.  

On the contrary, the vehicle lift best not bought by an apprentice stands the TRIUMPH NSS-8. This 4 post lift is tough to install and a beginner just couldn’t deal with installation guide without professional assistance. In any case, this doesn’t mean this lift is tough to handle.

Elementary considerations When choosing a Car Lift for Home Garage


Look at the Weight of the car lift precisely when buying it for a home garage.

The weight limit tells you how much weight the lift can support. It is seen that most home garage lifts have the basic lifting limit of 6,000 pounds, and some work similar to 10,000 pounds.

The decision you take here relies upon the entire weight of the car. When you have a little one for family use, in this situation anything inside 6,000 pounds will serve the purpose. You need to go for higher weight limits if you have an SUV or a big truck.

Size of the Lift

Your initial step should be to assess the space that you have available at home. Vehicle lifts can be enormous than the practical need, based on the type you require. For example, a four-post vehicle lift, a massive piece of equipment has strong posts that cover your vehicle well inside. 

When you look at that the garage is fit for your vehicle for what it’s worth, the four-post vehicle lift would be enough.  

If you feel enticed to buy a car lift, first clean out the garage. When that is done, you’ll have a clear view of the space that you have available.

Height of the Garage

The later you have to think about is the height of the garage. A bottom plate vehicle lift might have the capacity to lift a car nearly to the top of its maximum reach.

Hence, the vehicle can expand higher than the posts holding it up. Keep in mind when assessing your garage and recovering what vehicle lift you can physically place inside.m

Safety Measures

Each lift will have extra security features to prevent slipping or breakdown of your vehicle. An auto-lock component is a key when the lift is ascending and a lock bar tool used when the lift is descending. 

The Height

The range allows you how high your vehicle will be lifted. It’s crucial to see how far away the ground will hold.  

Would you be able to hold carefully to work out something on the frame? Look at whether there is any space to accommodate a second vehicle underneath or not?  

Something else to think is how much control you apply over the height range. Ensure that you are ready to stop the lift during operation going on when it’s at the correct height. 

The Width  

The width range lets you model vehicles the lift can suit. You must ensure that the width between the segments will suit your particular vehicle. The greater the vehicle, the wider or more extensive the lift.  

The Elements 

It isn’t the exact time to be economic in your buy option. You need a lift produced using high-quality steel. It might be, of course solid, strong, safe, and doesn’t have a weakness with no error.  

The drawback is that it’s heavier to pick a vehicle lift that is more remarkable than you require. If you spend some additional cash, then you’ll pick up a strong, reliable design.  

Consider the forces that become an integral factor when a 7,000-pound vehicle might be lifted into. Ensure standing under the least expensive lift you could discover.  

Ease of Use 

Look for a lift with more user-friendly features that can set-up for the normal user. The ergonomics should come with flexible instructions that allow you how to mount the lift in your car. Accordingly, you can lift it, lock it, and lower it without harming your vehicle. On the right, a hydraulic lift is simpler to use than one that is directed by electricity.

Types of Car Lifts for a Home Garage:


Scissor-style or mobile vehicle lifts are the least demanding to use and easy to set up. Some of them come ready to use, and you don’t have to manually set them up. They are unique for temporary repairs for your car like changing a tire or repairing a defective wheel. Yet, they are a bit weak in contrast with two-and four-post lifts.

A scissor vehicle lift can be either wheel or frame involving and has a low profile. This makes these vehicle lift models simple to mount and store when not being used. Moreover, you have certainly little room underneath the vehicle since the lifting system occupies all the room.  


Two-post lifts utilize two frames supporting a vehicle and involve less room than four-post lifts. They are more impressive than scissor lifts and have a greater lifting height if matched. Their little figure makes them ideal for limited home garages and shops.  

There are two kinds of two-post lifts—floor plate models and overhead models. Floor plate models are helpful, have no bar at the top, valuable, however less steady. 

Overhead models are more effective for space, have no plate on the floor to disturb everything, and provide greater strength since the upper bar doesn’t lift the vehicle.  


Four-post lifts are the biggest, generally incredible, and compact vehicle lifts. They usually weigh somewhat more than 2,000 pounds and should be bolted on the floor for solidness. So, they are not versatile. Despite that, they can rapidly lift a vehicle and keep it stable long enough for you to finish the process working on.  

The four-posts lifts apply a higher load. When you’re going to store one vehicle on the other, a four-post model might be your secure bet.  

The shortcoming is that these models are costly and occupy more room. You need to choose a model with an anti-sway block. Without this, the posts may sway while the vehicle is being lifted.



A: Generally, a level floor is proposed for level lifting, yet all expectation isn’t lost if you tend to get innovative. For one thing, you have to take out a 40-inch by 40-inch square from the harmed slab and rush in a new seal to a depth of one foot. At that point even out the slab to be lined up with the present slab. Then also, you could have additional chemical anchors to build a grasp on the harmed surface.  

Q: Are Car Lifts Safe?  

A: Yes, most up to date ones are very protected to handle. What’s more, this is why they will cover different security features, for example, a safety switch, hydraulic stream restrictor, adverse to sway bars, and diverse others.  

Q: How Thick of Concrete do I Need for a Car Lift?  

A: This usually relies upon the specific vehicle lift you are installing and its weight limit. All factors considered, 100 mm is the minimum suggested concrete thickness for installing both 2 and 4 post vehicle lifts.  

Q: Where Should a 2 Post Lift be Located?  

A: You can set it anyplace in the garage relying upon the space you have. Moreover, you should ensure that you have at least a rate of 2-feet of room between the lift and side dividers to support you having enough space to move around. In any case, the more space there is between the posts and side dividers the better.  

Q: Which is Better: 2-post or 4-post Lift?  

A: Both do an adequate job and will be perfect for different conditions. If you are looking for stability and need to have the option to stack up vehicles, the 4-post is great. In any case, if you are searching for something more space-saving, the 2-post is useful. Besides, 2-post lifts are increasingly perfect for experts, while the 4-post are ideal for vehicle lovers.

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