10 best stethoscope for nurses that works well

stethoscope for nurses

Are you a benevolent caregiver nurse? Are you searching for the best stethoscope for nurses for making your job smooth?

If so, you have come to the right place.

You are not alone without a stethoscope hanging around your neck. Stethoscope plays a great role in conducting a physical assessment. Without a decent stethoscope, carrying out an accurate assessment of the patient would be impossible. It helps you listen to a patient’s heartbeat or auscultation, enables you to determine the treatment that the patient would be best suited to. However, you can’t just buy a normal stethoscope hat is of no use.

You feel the dire need to make a timely decision about what gadget is appropriate for you because a smart stethoscope will absolutely serve the purpose.

Here’s the deal:

To increase your efficacy as a nurse, you can’t go without a stethoscope.Finding the right one can be a challenge for you, especially in purchasing a high quality stethoscope. Don’t worry, we’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation valuable for you. This awesome guide will help you find out the best piece for you to gain accurate diagnosis and long-service life.

So, don’t take a gamble and buy just any nursing stethoscope out there.

In the following article, we will review the best stethoscopes for better accuracy.

Definition of A Good Stethoscope?


As a newbie you must look into some predominant  things of acquiring  a stethoscope.First, you should consider both  the construction and the artistic part  of it.

Secondly,whatever stethoscope you are planning to buy would be flexible to use  over the long period of time.

More to the point, what you precisely look for may be the earpiece, chest pieces,diaphragm and the tube that must be of high quality.

Let’s delve down into what you exactly expect. 

Top 10 Best Stethoscopes for Nurses

1.3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope

3M Littmann Classic III Stethoscope has gained popularity for monitoring and assessing both pediatric and adult patients in a non critical setting.

 It features patented 3M ‘tunable technology’ high acoustic sensitivity and two sided chest piece.The stethoscope offers subtle acoustic sensitivity, hours of comfortable use flawlessly. 

 This also comes up with a variety of colors make it a great choice for certified nursing assistances, EMT/EMS, vocational nurses , medical students who need a crystal clear sound for lung, heart and bowl diagnoses.

In comparison with other classic series, 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope comprises aero- special steel alloys and anodized aluminum that provide sound conductivity, making it a grand choice for the head.

They make the tube from a fold and shrink material that springs back to its original shape. There’s no latex or phthalate plasticizers in its body construction.

Lttman offers 5 years guarantee that reveals their confidence in the loger lasting  of the product.

Plus,Littman Classic III comes complete with the “3M Littmann Learning Institute app” for providing better accuracy.

The lucrative smartphone app is favorite for medical field students and versatile clinical professionals. The app maintains access to a list of lessons with real auscultation except ambient sound,allows one to test and in some states better their knowledge.


My patients are praising my skills since I started  detecting the auscultation readings using the fantastic 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope. The cost of the stethoscope is mediocre level , so it assured of clear sounds except ambient noises.I am now rejoicing.Going for 3M Littman Classic is the Pro for the best.

The following is a summary of the main pros and cons associated with3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope :


Dual-sided chestpiece with a tunable diaphragm.

Soft-sealing eartips for a better acoustic seal.

Replace the single-piece diaphragm with the included non-chill rim.

Five-year warranty.


∅  Materials used for the stethoscope does not match the high quality instruments- decreasing the longevity of it.

ø The sound quality of entry level Littman is not as smooth as the premium one. 

2. 3M Littmann Cardiology IV Diagnostic Stethoscope

3M Littmann Cardiology IV

3M Littmann Cardiology IV Diagnostic Stethoscope features with the audibility of high-frequency sounds with the comparison with Cardiology III. This stethoscope helps you hear isolate subtle differences, aortic stenosis, S3 gallop murmurs in the patient’s condition.

It is effective in the critical sector, the cardiology IV is just as at home in ED, ICU, and Cardiac ICU because it is step down-unit and many volatile places.

The dual-sided chest piece offers diagnostic versatility for diagnosing both adult and pediatric patients.

The dual-lumen tube reduces sound pollution and supports two sound paths in one case. The tube is also devoid of rubber latex.

The ergonomic headset is flexible to fit the dimensions of the individual and angled ear tubes ensuring the ear tips align correctly with the patient’s ear canals. 

More to the point, 3M Littmann offers an amazing 7-year warranty on Cardiology IV, made in the USA.

Users’ feedback after using the 3M Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope

My recommendation goes to the cardiology IV over the others, as it is better at isolating background noise and so sensitive that I heard my heart well.Over all  fantastic auscultation !

The following is a summary of the main pros and cons of the 3M Littmann Cardiology IV Stethoscope:


USED in critical environments such as the ED, ICU, Cardiac ICU, and step-down units.

High quality acoustic performance .

Tunable diaphragm; double-sided chestpiece allows to diagnoses of both adult and pediatric patients.

Dual-lumen tubing reduces sound contamination


Ø More expensive than other stethoscopes in the list
Ø Not designed for nurses in general care, medical environments.

Ø Larger and heavier than other stethoscopes such as the RDF, Leightweight II S.E and Classic III.

3.3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope

3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope, the most affordable stethoscope in the list, provides the principal expertise of Littmann at a cost -level for all the nurses and medical students.

This features a teardrop-shaped chest piece that makes auscultation easier and fits under blood pressure cuffs and body contours.

Like the Classic III, Lightweight II S.E.has the 3M patented diaphragm, dual-sided chest piece lethal free tube, and headset in ergonomic 

The tunable diaphragm responds with a simple pressure change to capture low and high-frequency sounds.

Combined with the clutch-tight, easy-seal ear tips this indeed is a pleasant device to use.

The weight is 118 grams that are the lightest of all Littmann, makes it more comfortable for the nurses who wear this piece around their collars all day long.

The anatomically designed headset is angled to match the route of the ear canal

What users have to say about the 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E.:

3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope is a great device to make reliable acoustic performance for taking blood pressure readings. I love the accurate readings especially when taken in critical area.Planning to venture into 3M Littmann Lightweight II . This stethoscope worked for me.Try it.

Here is a closer look at the additional features, pros, and cons of 3M Littmann Lightweight II S.E. Stethoscope :


Reliable acoustic performance

Tunable diaphragm

Tear-drop shape designed for easier auscultation under blood pressure cuff

Ergonomic headset

Soft-sealing eartips for improved acoustic seal

Nonchill rim and diaphragm



Ø 6 out of 10 acoustic performance rating

Ø This is an entry-level stethoscope

4.3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope

3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope

The 3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope features with the superior acoustic response in the Littmann arena, including a tunable diaphragm, ergonomically designed with dual-tubing.

The tunable diaphragm acts with easy pressure to seize low and high-frequency sounds. This eyecatching device is used in all walks of occupations such as Cardiologist, anesthesiologist, emergency physician, medical Student, internist, pediatrician, physician, respiratory specialist, and even the family practitioners.
The Master is prepared to give the extremely finest of valve sound clarity.

The dual lumen reduces noise intrusion from ear tubes rubbing together.
For the newborn and pediatric auscultation, a special operations adapter has been included to add adaptability to the equipment.
The angled headset is anatomically designed to reach the path of the ear canal.
There is an app, free with the purchase of a 3M Littmann Stethoscope, which allows you to experience accurate auscultation skills.

What previous users had to say after using the 3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope:

The experience is fantastic. My health & wellness blog is thriving; thanks to 3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope.The readings  I make using 3M Littmann Master Cardiology are awesome. This is the most impressive stethoscope I have ever found.

The following is a summary of the main pros and cons associated with 3M Littmann Master Cardiology Stethoscope:


  • single-side chestpiece designed with oversized tunable diaphragm
  • Handcrafted solid stainless steel for better acoustic sensitivity
  • Special Procedures Adaptor
  • Ergonomic and comfortable when in use
  • Choice of tube length: 22 or 27-inch tubes


  • The oversized design not so accurate for pediatric patients
  • Limited color selection compared to other Littmann stethoscopes
  • Expensive

5.EKO Core Digital Stethoscope (Best Electric Stethoscope for Nurses)


The EKO Core Digital Stethoscope comes with active noise elimination and 40X amplification.

The weight is light enough to carry the stethoscope almost everywhere in your steps.

The electric analog dual functionality provides a full host of another technology. Its auscultation is so smooth without ambient noise.

 It comes with a separate mobile app that helps you to visualize and record sounds, record keeping and EMR storage of sounds.

In my professional point of view, this regulatory environment will receive electronic stethoscopes becoming a bunch more widespread in the forthcoming days.

The EKO Core may rightly be at the focus of the steady acceptance

What people are saying about EKO Core Digital Stethoscope :

This Stethoscope was really awesome. It has enhanced my  work force. Though the stethoscope is  somewhat bulky, it is a great option for smaller ones. I enjoyed using the stethoscope because it automatically controls the readings.


The following is a summary of the main pros and cons associated with  EKO Core Digital Stethoscope Stethoscope:


Cardiology-grade heart sounds with rich and clear amplification

Active noise cancellation

40x audio amplification

 √ Connects to IOS or Android device 

Designed for both adult and pediatric auscultation


Ø Bulkier than the traditional analog stethoscopes

Ø sound detection lacks nuance for critical medical environments

6.ADC Adscope Adimals 618 Pediatric Stethoscope With Tunable AFD Technology

Are you looking for an affordable pediatric stethoscope?

This stethoscope from ADC might be an excellent option for you.

This stethoscope has been designed to invite the infants with 7 interchangeable animal faces assigned to the chest piece that can preoccupy the little one during assessments.

 It’s a non-chill bell with a small aluminum binocular, ensures you listen to clear sound. This stethoscope brings about both low-frequency and high-frequency sounds by adjusting pressure on the chest piece.

The chest piece size is (1½”) for a pediatric value that allows the users to access the relevant fields on the infant’s small frame.

What an pediatric nurse is saying about ADC Adscope Adimals 618 Pediatric Stethoscope:

At first I was  puzzled by the cost. But I reached to purchase ADC Adscope Adimals 618 Pediatric Stethoscope because of its remarkable aspects and am now cheerful. I have handled many Pediatric Stethoscope but no one is similar to the action described ADC Adscope Adimals 618. The best ever buy.

Here is a closer look at more features and the stethoscope’s pros and cons.


Ergonomic headset

Silicone ear tips

Features 7 animal faces

Sized (1½”) for pediatricuse

Non-chill bell and diaphragm


Ø Dirty Tubing

Ø Not enough durable

7.ERKA Finesse 2 Stethoscope

ekra 2

While most stethoscopes are designed for definite uses, the ERKA Finesse 2 Stethoscope was designed to work with practically all of the clinical sections.

ERKA Finesse went ahead and clarified the stethoscope’s actions by making it a simple, switchable chest piece that makes it perfect for both the kids and the adults. So, no matter your platform, simply stress the chest piece in and you’ll be fit to go forwards and get the impressive frequency.

Overall, I consider the stethoscope is extremely useful because of its qualities such as a reversible, associated chest-piece with two diaphragms that present clear sounds.

The headset gives a flexible fit with dual tubing and an ergonomic ear tips that block the irrelevant noises. It features a lucrative case and five colors to match your uniform.

This is also compared with the Classic and Lightweight Littmann models that still give such versatility to use.


What users have to say about the ERKA Finesse 2 Stethoscope:

The ERKA Finesse 2 Stethoscope was a great option for getting better readings.I love the chest piece and tubing.Planning to venture into pediatric and adult auscultation? This Stethoscope worked for me.Try it.

Here is a closer look at the additional features, pros, and cons of the stethoscope.


Has a switchable chest piece and an ergonomic ear tips.

High level of precision engineering.

   √ Soft binaural and parallel tubing to block out external scraping sounds.

Dermatologically safe.


Ø Nothing  that we found.

8.MDF Rose Gold MD Stainless Steel Premium Dual Head Stethoscope

MDF Rose Gold MD Stethoscope

The MDF Rose Gold MD Stethoscope is a truly well-known stethoscope for its ability to deliver proper auscultation of heart and lung. This makes it a great option for acoustic integrity and clarity.

The stethoscope features an impressive diaphragm, which gives an advanced level of comfort, but it also ensures safe acoustic transmission. MDF Rose Gold MD went a step ahead to consist of an extra-large bell with a non-chill bell ring that makes increased acoustical amplification, deliver isolate low-frequency sounds.

The stainless steel Dual-Head Chestpiece and absolute rotation Acoustic Valve Stem are accurately machined that presents excellent sound amplification.
This has been highly beneficial in enhancing the practice of accurate auscultation of heart, lung and blood pressure sounds.

This stethoscope has been constructed with high standard material,latex-free white PVC tubing that withstands the falls rubs of everyday use.
To top it all off, MDF Rose Gold MD Stethoscope delivers lifetime warranty support. However, I found it to be an overall great stethoscope because it guarantees clear sounds.

Here is what buyers had to say after using MDF Rose Gold MD Stethoscope:

Though it’s a costly stethoscope, the amplification of sound is superb.This is the best stethoscope I have come across yet.This is an ideal match for general medicinal purposes  .

Here is a closer look at the additional features, pros, and cons of the stethoscope.



Effectively seals out ambient noise

  Dual head chestpiece with Stainless steel

Latex-free PVC tubing

Latex-free, Non-toxic design

Lifetime Warranty


Ø Plastic tubing is stiff

Ø Head rotates too loosely

Ø Rose Gold not be to everyone’s taste

9.Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope, Black 

Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope, Black

If you’re looking for a stethoscope that combines variety and comfort of use, the Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope, Black is an excellent option for you. It’s chosen for its a range of special accessories and tubing that is free of allergenic components.

Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope produces high quality sounds to provide an accurate diagnosis to patients. 

This features with different sizes of ear tips, diaphragm and open bells that have eased the diagnose for patients of varied ages irrespective of infants and adults.

You get a vinyl storage case, two sets of ear tips, two sizes of diaphragms and three sizes of open bells with each purchase of the Sprague Rappaport Type Stethoscope. 

 Its performance is intensified by the Multiple Open Bells feature which makes it efficient in a wide range of medicinal sections. 

Overall, the stethoscope is imposing because of its exceptional features such as the durable chest piece and latex-free tubing.

A closer look at judges from past Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope customs:

This is the most impressive stethoscope I have ever come across in the market. I was very impressed by the  stethoscope’s ability to generate clear readings even in noisy areas. As a newbie, I was puzzled by the low cost and impressive features of the stethoscope.

Here is a summary of Omron Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope, Black pros and cons:


Multiple Open Bells

Latex Free Tubing

Durable Chest Piece



Ø Ear tips are terrible after some uses

10.Dixie EMS Blood Pressure and Sprague Stethoscope

Dixie EMS Sprague Stethoscope kit

If you are keen to a cheap, but fair stethoscope for as usual patient dealings, you’re better off with the Dixie EMS and Sprague Stethoscope. To put it differently, it’s the best budget stethoscope the money worth.

Its ease of structure and use has made many doctors and students think it the most useful. It gives high-quality frequency and the readings are pretty reliable, even when held outdoors patients.

With coming of the features the Dixie EMS’s Sprague Kit combines a blood pressure unit and a test quality nylon case and cuff as well, allowing you all you expect to track your blood pressure.

The stethoscope includes an excellence 22-inch tubing and adds 2 pairs of suitable ear tips, 3 bells, and 2 diaphragms. Besides, this kit is accessible in numerous colors to adopt from.

A closer look at what a professional nurse said about the Dixie EMS and Sprague Stethoscope:

I found this stethoscope very remarkable when I started applying it. However, I altered to a stronger stethoscope for detecting heart beat. If you prefer to get correct reading, the Dixie EMS might be the best starting point.


Here is a closer look at the pros and cons of the Dixie EMS and Sprague Stethoscope :


Great color

√  Lightweight

√  Perfect size

√  Durable Chest Piece


Ø ear tips are terrible after some uses

Ø Color may fade after a while

What You Should Look For

 The stethoscope’s chest piece is made of alloys of steel or bronze. It can either be single-headed or double-headed.Stainless steel may be a good conductor of sound and longer-lasting, so air leak will be prevented. This makes the diaphragm and bell fit with a tight seal. You operate it easily by stressing to hear the different frequencies when going over reading.

Diaphragm:The diaphragm should be made of a high-quality material that ensures flexibility like resin and PE compound film. It is also air-sealed that helps the amplified sound clear. A non-chill rim within the diaphragm is often used for pediatric patients.

Bell:This indicates the small end of the chest piece. It represents the sounds of a lower frequency that diaphragm can’t detect. This side is used only for the neo-natal patients and it delivers the subtle sound difficult to pinpoint and hear.

Tube : The tube should be made of a thick material like polyvinyl chloride.this material gives insulation and enhances the sound transmission. It also eliminates external noises. The tube might be crack – resistant and be freely folded without wrinkling and crushing.

Ear PieceThe earpiece of a stethoscope should be smooth and fit freely into the ear canal. Most stethoscopes include hard and uncomfortable earpieces.When buying, you need to observe that earpieces must be soft. The earpiece should also be angled in such a way to ensure neat sound playback

Acoustic tubesThe acoustic tubes are the empty rubber-like cylinders that join the chest piece to the ear tubes.

Acoustic Stethoscopes:The most common stethoscope to be sufficient most of the critical period is easy to hear blood pressure sounds or accurate heartbeats to determine the difference between cardiac and lung afflictions. 

This has gained fame among the technicians and medical assistance who apply these stethoscope for reviewing the readings in their line of work. They also provide low-frequency sounds in the noisy environment

Electronic Stethoscopes:The hearing frequencies here differ from an acoustic stethoscope. These stethoscopes can seize electrocardiogram data and oxygen saturation levels. They also help to gather the common readings that a traditional stethoscope does.

 Not only that but some of the high-quality electronic stethoscope feature audio output that transmits the data to a laptop or MP3 recorder of your choosing via Bluetooth. It also overcomes the low sound levels amplifying body sounds.

 Electronic stethoscope transmits acoustic sound waves to electrical signals that can be amplified for optimal listening. the microphone on the chest piece obstructs the ambient noise soon:

What To Think in Investing


The service of the stethoscope is many as the extension of your feelings when you are doing assessments. It’s beneficial to have a standard quality of stethoscope around you. When you are in trouble to observe the reading or find something wrong with your patient, you may be in a dilemma to overcome the situation.


Quality goes first if the budget permits because only a quality stethoscope helps you determine subtle cases during an emergency. Then you must consider its longevity, so it’s definitely worth the price. The stethoscope might be of no use if you do not properly access it for auscultation. Priority should be given to its sound quality.


Have you been used to the low-quality stethoscope that is not yours? Stethoscope features with easy access and high quality attract the attention of real users. I speculate it upsets your hearing power. Look at the quality stethoscope that suits you well. There might often be an error reading and mechanical defects in a low-quality stethoscope that may cause lasting discomforts and hazards to your diagnosis.

Stethoscope Accessories:

The cost and price would commonly have all parts and components already. Besides, some brands provide kits as well, which better reinforces the prices.


It often happens to many that the more expensive product costs much but they think it would be worth the price. The more expensive product is nothing but a gimmick, that’s why it is effective for you to go for a mediocre level.

 As a professional body, you aren’t supposed to purchase products that are extremely low price either because those would not rank the high quality. You should buy a stethoscope that is affordable and effective enough to ensure quality.

Materials Used:

Look at the very materials used in the manufacturing of your product, for you are going to end up with something very good indeed. 

The high-quality material means high-quality product but you are observant to make the most of your purchase made with a lot of effort. Try to pick up things handcrafted accurately, as this would benefit you to learn the audio clarity potential from a stethoscope.

Fundamental Types of Stethoscopes for Nurses

 1.By Head Type

Single Head Stethoscope

There’s a very easy way with a single head stethoscope for clear and wide level frequency sound output. It makes the listener highlight in the high or low-frequency sound. It is generally recommended for taking vital signs and lungs auscultation. We prefer the single head for normal heart sound assessments.

Dual-Head Stethoscope

A dual head stethoscope is more functional than a single head one.It. comprises two heads- the diaphragm and the bell. The diaphragm is a flat piece that works like a drum to absorb the high frequency of sounds, while the bell is the cup that detects a low frequency of sounds. The diaphragm not only filters out low-frequency sound but also attenuates all equally to drop the audible low frequency below the ear.

Triple-Head Stethoscope

The triple head is of little use and is designed only to hear and speculate critical heart sounds. It is comparatively expensive and heavy enough to carry, so it is just used for dying and critical cardiology assessments.

2. By Usage

Infant Stethoscope

The infant stethoscope differs from a pediatric one It is due to this is specially designed for infants and new-born babies. The diameter of it is just 2.7 cm designed to monitor the infants. Because of having a small size chest piece, it helps to get accurate auscultation for the small one. This features with a non-chill rim and latex-free body as well to ensure non-shocked relaxation when being diagnosed and doesn’t procure allergic reaction. 

Pediatric Stethoscope

A pediatric stethoscope looks almost similar to classic stethoscopes. It is exceptional for one feature the chest piece is smaller than a classic one. The bell part measures one inch in diameter and the diaphragm is limited for pediatric bodies. The pediatric stethoscope is a must to precisely diagnose the small patients. Its soothing color is pleasing to the small ones.

 Cardiology Stethoscope

This type of stethoscope works like a classic stethoscope and specially designed for cardiac assessments. It provides superb sound quality, distinguishes different heart sounds of low and high frequency more clearly.

Though the chest piece tubes are designed with bi-lumen, it is made into a single design, so there will be no noise created from the tubes rubbing together. This thicker eyepieces block the ambient noise completely, so there is no interference with auscultation earpiece and diaphragm maintain optimum sound quality because of thicker tubing.

Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope
  • RappaportThe Sprague Rapport stethoscope features with silver chest pieces drum having interchangeable diaphragms and three open bells for accurate detection of low-middle-high frequency of sounds. The double-barrel improves acoustic separation, and the large bore enhances amplification.

It eliminates the need for different stethoscopes for infants, children, and adults. Besides, ergonomic design makes the users comfortable even during extended use.

3. Special Types

Hearing-Impaired Stethoscope

This special kind of stethoscopes is available in the market. This is made up of a superb amplifier that transforms the sounds without being affected by ambient noise. It incorporates an external PDA, earphones or tape recorders. The main function of this kind of stethoscope is sound amplification and noise reduction.

Digital Stethoscope

Digital stethoscopes have gained popularity because of its noise reduction feature. It can also strengthen sounds well. It need not use for emergency purposes as it requires to be set and recharged for accurate sound output.

It provides high-performance auscultation with amplification and ambient noise reduction. This features with recording blue tooth connectivity for accurate sound visualization and telemedicine.

1o Proven Techniques to Choose best stethoscope for nurses


Buying a smart stethoscope depends on how much money you spend on. High-quality stethoscopes are costly, so you consider your budget first. If your option goes to high quality, it will be expensive that meets your expectations. Many nurses think their hard-earned money might not be futile any more.


stethoscopoeArea or Department

As a nurse, you have to discharge many duties to attend the patients. If you are working in the Pediatrics Department, the pediatric stethoscope will be your first choice.

If you are in a cardiology ward, getting a cardiology stethoscope would be the best.

Different Departments need different ones.Stethoscopes designed for specialized actions provide special functions useful for the definite areas for which it was made.

The Requirements In Your Institution.

The requirements designated for the staff nurse are to have a single tube stethoscope with bell and diaphragm. It, of course, doesn’t have an attached electronic.If your authority permits to buy the alternative, consider the requirements for staff nurse in your area.

Quality Brands

The best for all department stethoscopes is reputed as their brand values. The well-known brands are 3M™ Littmann®, Adscope®, Vorfreude Welch Allyn, and Prestige. Look at the product value and try to evaluate their brands you’re most comfortable with. Check again if there’s any defect and everything attached well.

Comfortable Working With

You are a nurse in a true sense, You must have had the pre-experience to use it. You worked with a single-head, dual-head or triple-head stethoscope. But now, will you want a Sprague or a cardiology stethoscope for lighter and smooth sound except an ambient sound? Consider the stethoscope t that fits you well. Ask your colleagues which will result in better performance and assessments.

The Weight

 AS a staff nurse you are to move around the ward to ward,it will be inconvenient for you to carry out a heavy or large stethoscope around your neck or pocket. Consider the weight of a stethoscope for your smooth steps on the ward. Those that have given better amplification and produce lightest murmuring sound might be heavier due to its thick-walled tubing.

The Stethoscope’s Parts

When you are in the display to select the best one, take time in inspecting the parts designed. The earpiece should be soft and ergonomic not to hurt your ears. Also, look for silicon earbuds for the comfort they provide. Binoculars and chest piece for sound conductibility should be checked. Look at the stethoscope with a longer tube that drapes around the neck because it allows you to keep at a minimum distance from contagious patients.

The Stethoscope’s Parts Are Replaceable

Stethoscopes have many replaceable parts. They are Eartips (pair), diaphragm, diaphragm retaining ring, non-chill ring, and bell sleeve.

 Some manufacturing companies give limited offers to one of each specified part per stethoscope for every year.

 Working Environment

The stethoscope is more likely to lose or the possibility of missing in your field. Consider cheap and reasonably priced ones. Nurses, especially the ER nurses working outside the hospitals may have the possibility of misplacing or losing their stethoscopes. So, it is wise to invest in the least price stethoscope in this case. There are many with good sound quality without the large price- tag you need to serve the purpose.

Recommendations From Your Colleagues

 Because of their practical experience in using the different type of stethoscope, the senior nurses help you which one would be the best for you in practical purposes. Ask them about the most convenient stethoscope to use that fits you in the designated area as well as the brands to avoid utmost.

Is your stethoscope diaphragm hygienic ?

A stethoscope is used to detect the auscultation of the patient and thus it has been contaminated rigorously after each patient exposure. So they must be treated potentially as vectors of transmission. It might happen a serious patient safety issue if failing to disinfect it like ignoring hand hygiene.


The risk of cross-transmission of bacteria through healthcare workers’ hands and stethoscopes is the factor of micro-organism through the use of stethoscopes. They should use it with a gloved hand.Stethoscopes used in emergency practice have often been contaminated with staphylococci, a potential vector of infection.

 A recent survey said that cleaning stethoscope diaphragm might reduce bacteria count by 90 percent with alcohol swabs,95 percent with nonionic detergent, and 80 percent with antiseptic soap.

Care must be taken to hospitals, staff, and medical students attending physicians in detecting the readings. Stethoscope diaphragm harbors potentially bacteria and the manufacturer’s companies have packaged various patents to facilitate the sanitization of this tool,a standalone apparatus designed for fast sanitization of the chest piece.

It suggests that a combined process of scrubbing hands and the diaphragm with alcohol-based hand foam might be the alternative method that will benefit both the practitioners and their patients.

Rubbing wrapped alcohol pads on a stethoscope diaphragm may be another method, though these are not always available.
Anyway, I want to remind you that when using any stethoscope with a patient, you have to adopt a suitable process of sanitization .

Anyway, I bring this up to raise the importance of this issue when using any stethoscope with a patient. A suitable process of sanitization has to be employed.

More to the fact, the content with which you can keep the stethoscope clean of germs is another factor to have in mind before you purchase